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Regulatory Compliance: We conduct compliance effectiveness reviews to provide your business with the assurance that your compliance function is operating within the appropriate regulatory framework.

Our regulatory compliance services will give you:
• Increased awareness of the likely regulatory impacts on your business or organisation.
• Help to minimise the risk of regulatory fines or penalties or enforcement action by regulators.
• Help to reduce the cost of compliance.

Risk Management: A.H. Thakkar & Sons will help you to understand the risks to your business faces and also, assist with the development of effective risk management strategies.

Our services include:
• Undertaking strategic risk assessments.
• Implementing effective risk management policies and procedures.
• Assisting with regulatory compliance.
• Devising and implementing business continuity planning.

Our risk management services will give you:
• Support to ensure that your key stakeholders fully appreciate the value of risk management.
• The right techniques and strategies to embed risk management throughout your business.
• The ability to obtain real value and business benefits from the introduction of risk management.
• Solutions which will allow you to mitigate major risks your business faces.
• Help to prepare contingency plans.

Financial Statements Production: When you require assistance with the preparation of final accounts and financial statements we will be able to help.

Our financial statements production services will give you:
• Improved quality of financial reporting and management information.
• Comfort that you are fully compliant with the relevant financial reporting standards and regulations.

Performance Audit and Assessment: A.H. Thakkar & Sons is committed to ensuring that we can support your business to maximise its potential. We set up our Performance Audit Team to provide support, experience and independent appraisals of the performance of our clients' services and undertakings. Our team’s varied backgrounds enable us to gain an understanding of the environment within which you operate.

Our performance audit and assessment include a number of areas:
• Management processes.
• Planning structures.
• Performance outcomes.
• Management of resources.
• Best Value requirements.

Forensic audit: A.H. Thakkar & Sons Forensic audit will help you to take immediate and decisive action to prevent, detect and respond to potentially harmful situations.

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