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Providing independent, objective, rigorous financial and risk assurance of your business and financial position is fundamental to improving performance and good corporate governance.

Our approach is based on developing an understanding of your business, financial, operational and governance risks that it faces.
A.H.Thakkar & Son's audit and assurance services continually evolve to meet the demands of our clients and to comply with regulatory and technical standards and best practice in financial reporting.

We advise a wide range of clients including:
Fast growing and established businesses
Public and private companies
Charitable and not-for-profit organisations
Public sector organisations

Our Audit and Assurance Services include:
Statutory audit
Internal audit
Regulatory compliance
Risk management
Financial statement production
Performance Audit and Assessment
Forensic audit

Statutory Audit: We have designed our audit approach to suit the diverse environments in which our clients operate. This ensures that our audit addresses the risks that are unique to our clients' businesses, operations and market sectors.

Our audit approach:
Is designed to develop an all-round understanding of your business and the environment in which it operates to ensure that our audit is practical, relevant and purposeful.
Adds value by being constructive and progressive and by promoting best practice and governance.
Complies with professional best practice and uses the most up-to-date audit techniques, which are designed to assess key financial risks.
Provides regular communication with our clients so that they understand our work, our thinking and our recommendations. Provides a combination of professional independence, integrity and robust quality controls.

Our audit and assurance services will give you:
Assurance on the financial performance, reporting and operations of your business or organisation.
Value-added recommendations on financial processes, key controls and performance indicators.
Increased awareness of accounting and regulatory changes.

Internal Audit: We provide you with advice and assistance on the development of your internal audit and risk management strategy and processes.

Our internal audit services give will you:
The confidence that you have the full set of skills to determine best practice.
Access to the right people, tools and techniques when and where you need them.
A partner who understands the value of internal audit and brings expertise and experience from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


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