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Box 2903 Kampala Uganda
+256 41 4341212 / 4258889
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BASL is the accounting and book keeping arm of AH Thakkar and Sons Certified public accountants, which was founded in 1939 and now one of the largest Professional services provider in Uganda.

BASL was formed in 2003 and now deals in a variety of client portfolio both local and international. BASL has built a talent pool, trained to both local and international standards (ACCA and CPAU/K) thus able to meet global accounting challenges.

BASL provides a wide range of outsourcing services to meet your company’s accounting, tax, financial management and consulting needs.

Our Approach
We believe that each client is unique and so deserves a unique service. Our services allow you to concentrate on what you do best while leaving specialized support functions to us. Some examples of our outsourcing services include;
• Financial processes and internal controls
• Computerized book keeping
• Accounts reconciliations
• Management accounts and reports (daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and yearly)
• Financial statement Preparation
• Bank and credit card reconciliations
• Payroll processing and payroll taxes (PAYE, NSSF)
• Preparation of tax returns and filling
• Asset management
• Accounting systems design
• Accounting staff training
• Accounting software assistance
• Consultancy

Client sectors
We are currently serving clients in the following sectors of the economy:
• Mining
• Oil and gas
• Engineering and Construction
• Education
• Non government organization
• Media
• Transport
• Health care
• Tourism (Hotel , lodges and restaurants)
• Manufacturing
• Consultancy
• Retail and wholesale shops

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