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You need business consultants who get results We have business consultants who deliver a tangible, measurable return on your investment. We help you to identify growth opportunities, develop action plans and execute them competently

At A.H. Thakkar & Sons we offer the following solutions:
Business plans: Assisting clients in formulating strategic and operational business plans.
Business restructuring: We are able to advise on restructuring of businesses including diversification, disposal of non-core units or re-engineering the business model.
Review, design and documenting policies and procedures: Carrying out a comprehensive review of the operating policies and procedures and comparing these against industry best practices. We are also able to draw up policy and procedure, and thereafter facilitate implementation by providing training.

Profit enhancement: Through a comprehensive review of your operations and business processes, we can help you to identify income improvement or cost management opportunities. This may include a formal productivity study.

Management information systems: An effective MIS supports the re- engineering of the business processes with the aim of improving profitability and business performance. We assist in the development of a system that provides timely information for effective decision making. This includes the use of budgeting and variance analysis, financial and cash flow projections, key performance indicators, procurement and inventory controls, and product and service costing as tools for effective business management.

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